Is this zero tolerance?

January 27 - February 5, 2014

Team GS

Last week, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, ordered his ACB to investigate how the Navajivan Dudh Sahakari Chairman Bolkarnnem Sancordem Madhavrao Dessai, its MD, Sadanand Kulkarni and officials of the Goa Milk Union skimmed off Rs. 18.60 lakh (Rs 18,60,000).  Literally hours later, he ordered the ACB to register a case against Anand Bhagwat, earlier working as an executive engineer in the PWD and Tulsidas Narvekar earlier the divisional accountant and officers of Gujarat’s Ketan Construction Pvt. Ltd., for prematurely releasing bank guarantees worth Rs. 2.57 crore (2,57,00,000)in January 2007 which resulted in some losses. 

Sounds like pittance to us.  It is, isn’t it?  You expect Parrikar whose drumming of “zero tolerance to corruption” helped him win the election, would go for the much bigger cases of corruption.

Cases like this.  How the Speaker, Rajendra Arlekar, paid Rs 72 lakhs (72,00,000) last August to buy a 500 sq mt plot at Porvorim from Delhi based journalist Dharmanand Pandurang Kamat.  Imagine the actual price he would have paid for land in upmarket Porvorim. Add that to Rs 2,52,000 paid as stamp duty and Rs 2,16,280 as the registration and processing fees for the sale.  Arlekar’s income for the year 2010-2011 was a miserable Rs. 2,76,671 while that of his school teacher wife was Rs. 5,87,186.

Or this one.  How Goa’s Tourism Minister, Dilip Parulekar, was able to grab 599 sq mt of prime land (survey no. 376/6 of Socorro village) on the Chogm road at Porvorim belonging to the Communidade of Serula, this time for a niggardly amount of Rs. 3,41,320.  This amount can’t buy you a decent small car.

How the Advocate General, Atmaram Nadkarni, continues as counsel for several mining companies including Sesa Goa; how he continues to be paid up to Rs. 8,00,000 a month besides Rs. 75,000 per day per trip to Delhi.

Investigate how Parrikar himself appointed his relative Kurupati Dwarkanath Row to the high Constitutional post as the Chairman, Goa Public Service Commission.  Incidentally, Row’s wife is a Dharwadkar, her brother Girish is the co-brother (saddu) of Parrikar’s brother Avdhoot Parrikar.  Avdhoot Parrikar’s wife and Girish Dharwadkar’s wife are sisters of the Caro family.  Their third sister is married to Dr. Vinay Prabhu Desai, whose daughter married Parrikar’s younger son Abhijit Parrikar. All within the family!