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Dump rogues and scoundrels!

With reference to recent press reports that "vultures will come to feast on the Mopa airport issue", I wish to state that Fr Eremito Rebello, the convenor Goans for Dabolim only, has taken a courageous stand and has exposed the rot and the vested interests that are trying to capitalise on the Mopa aiport project and issue at the cost of the Goan people. 

We are all in the know of how Churchill Alemao, betrayed the agitators of Konkan railway route re-alignment by signing on the dotted line after getting the contract for the supply of the concrete sleepers to be used for the Konkan railway track. And went into deep hibernation soon after that, such a scoundrel, he now is doing a u-Turn on the Mopa issue, the same politician supported the Mopa airport thinking that the Alemao clan would capitalise on the highway or expressway to be built to the Mopa airport! !! Radharao Gracias,his sidekick  and advisor, is building castles in the air that Churchill Alemao will be elected in six months.

Rogues and scoundrels should be dumped in River Sal for good !!!!! These rejected and defeated politicians should learn to respect the will of the Goan people and not try and resurect their failed political careers by riding piggy back on the Mopa issue, as the Goan people know what their real motives are and how huge their enormous greed is !!!

Churchill, leave the Goan people in peace to sort out their issues. You were given an opportunity and you failed the Goan people on a number of counts!

Jerimiah D'Souza, Cansaulim

June 30, 2013

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