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Joy of a Joystick

Cost of flying the circus around so far:

Wilfred D'Souza Rs 22,89,428 February 2005-August 2007

 Dayanand Narvekar Rs 14,94,884 February 2000-March 2007

 Pratapsing Rane Rs 14,57,354 February 2005-April 2006

 Digambar Kamat Rs 11,40,395 January 2000-January 2005


 Luizinho Faleiro Rs 9,03,119 February 2005-February 2006

 Manohar Parrikar Rs 8,26,596 December 2000-December 2004

 Joaquim Alemao Rs 7,57,473 July 2005-October 2007

 Antanasio Monserratte Rs 7,25,957 April 2003-March 2006

 Francis D'Souza Rs 7,00,473 July 2002-January 2004

 Ramrao Desai Rs 6,71,434 June 2000-January 2005

 Pandurang Madkaikar Rs 6,65,608 November 2004-July 2007

 Ramkrishna Dhavlikar Rs 6,62,246 July 2002-July 2007

 Dr. Suresh K Amonkar Rs 5,16,910 September 2000-January 2005

 Francisco Sardinha Rs 4,10,661 January 2000-October 2000

 Subash Shirodkar Rs 3,51,008 September 2005-May 2007

Victoria Fernandes Rs 3,24,680 March 2000-October 2000

Ravi Naik Rs 2,80,422 November 2000-September 2007

Vinay Tendulkar Rs 2,28,648 July 2002-May 2004.

Shaikh Haroon Rs 2,11,713 December 2000-May 2002

Jose Philip D'Souza Rs 2,00,346 November 2000-October 2007

Manohar Azagaonkar Rs 1,78,821 November 2002-December 2004

Prakash Velip Rs 1,61,845 December 2000-December 2001

Sanjay Bandekar Rs 1,36,113 November 2000-February 2002

Francisco Xavier Pacheco Rs 1,24,655 December 2002-November 2003

Dayanand Mandrekar Rs 1,12,298 July 2004-January 2005.

Philip Neri Rodrigues Rs 1,06,778 December 2002-March 2007

Francisco D'Souza Rs 83,144

Somnath Zuwarkar Rs 65,377

Arecio D'Souza Rs 63,238

Francisco Silveira Rs 39,117

Mauvin Godinho Rs 27,216

Venkatesh Desai Rs 9,550

Total Rs 1,65,89,753


Direction control

Apart from getting my nomination to be Prez of the Bleeding Hearts club of MLAs – she is always concerned about women's rights, and swears women can be protected and their cause furthered only if she is made a minister – Victoria also has a weakness for flying.  By the way the only other member of this club is Anil Salgaocar, whom you might remember actually wanted to buy out a Special Economic Zone, an act he claimed would benefit poor sods like you and me.  The latest member to this exalted and exclusive club is Mauvin Godinho who in the space of a few hours (August 16/17) said if politicians and bureaucrats are corrupt, then the aam admi is no less.  After biting the hand that feeds him, in a manner of speaking, he followed up with this gobstopper: "I have special feelings for the poor, needy."  Yeah, right Mauvin, I feel you.  And as mea culpas go, this one sucked.  And, till now you thought the only MLA afflicted by the foot and mouth disease, was Churchill Alemao.  How wrong.


Victoria Fernandes

8-11 February 2000, Delhi, Rs 43,774; 8-18 March 2000, Berlin, Rs 1,05,000; 18-24 April 2000, Sydney/Singapore, Rs 1,37,813; 26 September-I October 2000, Bangalore Rs 10,105.

Total Rs 3,24,680

Dr. Suresh K Amonkar spent Rs 5,16,910 between September 2002-January 2005 evidently fulfilling with incisive precision his ambition to fly to foreign shores, never mind somebody else was going to foot the bill.  And because of this his total expenditure was Rs 3,38,125 to jet to France once and Zurich/Geneva on another occasion.  Sanjay Bandekar clocked an expense of Rs 1,36,113 between November 2000-February 2002 homing in on snow-covered Ladakh once.  After all, if you live in the land of beaches and balmy weather, you need to cool off in beautiful Ladakh.

Philip Neri Rodrigues spent Rs 1,06,778 flying between December 2002-March 2007.  For a man who is a minister and who made history by being instrumental in the fall of the Manohar Parrikar government, I must say grudgingly that he is no spendthrift.  Full marks to a man who apparently respected our taxes enough not to blow it up.  Must say, I'm quite blown away.

Jose Philip D'Souza spent Rs 2,00,346 between November 2000-October 2007 which if compared to his frequent flier colleagues makes me suspect he has a fear of flying.  Francisco Xavier Pacheco spent Rs 1,24,655 between December 2002-November 2003 including Rs 93,206 spent on two trips to London, but that is only the proverbial tip of the iceberg.  Pacheco's penchant for flying truly emerged in his latest avatar as tourism minister.  Pacheco whizzed here and jetsetted there, enough to make people on the ground dizzy.  And with this ends flying with the circus.  Hope you had a good flight.

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