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A fat bill

Run(away) costs so far;

JP Singh: 2 February, 2006-10 October, 2007- Rs 17,43,663

RP Pal: 11 September, 2005-29 October, 2007- Rs 8,24,733

JK Dadoo: 30 July, 2005-7 September, 2006 - Rs 11,04,312

Total: 36,72,708

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Is Goa Ready for IT?

A very learned man (but must stay anonymous) said this: “There was a clarion call made by Dayanand Narvekar, the IT minister about constructing an IT park with your tax money.  But, is Goa really ready for this project?  There is a lot of hot air generated about the abundance of jobs this will create.”

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The chosen ones

Last week you read how Rs 3,31,47,262 was spent on the shenanigans of the Non-Resident Indian (NRI) Commissioner Eduardo Faleiro, whom the Congress party, couldn’t accommodate elsewhere like it does all its retired stalwarts; so they let him create his own little nest in his home land.  Gubernatorial, is normally the path shown to these primeval monsters, not Faleiro.

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