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Adding to taxpayer’s burden

If our montris are not going on their version of the Starship Enterprise missions abroad to sell Goa’s tourism industry or to save Goans abroad, they are preoccupied doing up their homes. Between June 8, 2007 and now, Rs 4,85,338 was spent on various repairs to the official home of Digambar Kamat,

who apart from flying economy, would have you believe that he goes home to Margao for rest and recreation. But during that time Rs 5,40,612.63 was also spent painting up his Altinho residence. I don’t know who sits on his chairs, can’t be Churchill Alemao –he’s too busy doing his own thing like kickboxing; but Rs 7,75,973 was spent on ‘urgent’ repairs to the office furniture at his official residence. Add to that the lighting in the living room that cost you Rs 12,033. Now, all that adds up to an official Rs 18,13,926.63. When the officials get going, the going gets official!

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