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Aires Rodrigues Vs Subodh Kantak

Digging up more dope on his bête noire Aires says that a close relative of his, a lawyer called Leena Anish Dharwadkar, who worked under Subodh Kantak was paid Rs 7,65,000 from February 2005 to March 2008 by way of fees. She has now been appointed manager (legal) at the Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd.

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Heritage Delayed

What models they'll make!!

A Madame Tussauds for Goa?

Perhaps the oldest colonial edifice in Goa, the old Secretariat building, or Adil Shah Palace or Palacio da Idalcao is currently being renovated at a cost of Rs 3,86,37,880 and the expenditure required to complete the renovation is currently pegged at Rs 7,25,62,120.

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Cock and Bull stories

“Pay parking is the need of the hour, since parking is free everybody brings four wheelers to the cities, mostly shopkeepers and businessmen, who park their vehicles for the whole day,” said Arvind Gawas, the Superintendent of Police. 

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Inspector Gadget

Marine Commmando Squad, Missing Persons Squad – these are not American TV serials which have stories inspired by real life. These are among the units that our Home Minister Ravi Naik intends to set up in Goa. All these names have a nice ring to them and Ravi Naik knows he’ll get his 15 minutes of fame in the media when he makes such grandiose announcements.

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Profligacy –What goes of my father?

Russian Roulette

Tweedledum and Tweedledee

 The director general of police Bhim Singh Bassi and the inspector general of police KD Singh could go down as the two funniest cops ever to hit town (funny not in a ha ha way!)  Bassi defended accusations that the Russian belly dance sizzle (apparently Belgian too) at the Anjuna police station inauguration was ‘indecent’. 

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