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The battle for Bardez

A sanad which once gave a landlord or the simple land buyer of old a sense of accomplishment today has dangerous connotations.  At worst it could mean doom for many villages and its villagers battling to keep virtual gated communities out of their once charming village. 

But worse than that is the potential some of these sanads have for both village and inhabitant because the outcome often is the building of yet another huge hotel complex construction as the names of many owners of these sanads mentioned in this article suggest.  In other words, more migrant labourers, more traffic on the existing narrow village roads which were never intended for the current onslaught on them and more pressure on the existing unstable power supply.

As for the stress that is being put on the existing meager potable water supply, there is really nothing more that can be said to put the water shortage problem in perspective.  In short all this put together suck the life out of your village.  Says Tulio de Souza, attorney of the communidade of Guirim, "I am of the opinion that for any application for conversion above one acre (4,000 sq m) and being done for commercial purposes, the Collector needs to examine whether the necessary infrastructure is available in the respective areas that would take care of the development that would follow the issuance of these sanads."

Sanads issued village-wise: Calangute -53, Soccorro -27, Candolim -23, Arpora -10, Salvador do Mundo -11, Sangolda -9, Nerul -6, Pilerne -6, Alto-Porvorim -3, Reis Magos -2, Assagao -1, Parra -1. Total -150.

Alto Porvorim

A beneficiary to take note of in Alto Porvorim is Devashri Estate Developers the Dempo's construction outfit in the news recently.  It got 300 sq mt of land converted inside an amazing short period.  The firm applied for the sanad on January 24, 2006 and was issued the sanad on April 8, 2006.  A total of 4,667 sq mt was converted from agricultural to non-agricultural land.



In village Arpora where a huge 1,22,115 sq mt of land was converted the most conspicuous beneficiaries are Dr Fernando Jose Mascarhenas (81,726 sq mt), Prabhat Developers (1969) and Riverside Home Developers (8,557+5,400.)  Two non-Goans Shabbir AR Jhan (3,850) and Kalpesh Natwarlal Gahil and Ravi Ramesh Chandra Gahil jointly converted 3,300 sq mt.



In Calangute where there is very, very little land left to build on, sanads were issued covering a total of 90,900.85 sq mt of land; it can safely be assumed must nearly all be prime land and accessible to roads. And as usual builders and hoteliers were behind 14 of the 23 conversions.  GKP Real Estate Developers whose massive building complexes in Calangute are ubiquitous converted a total of 1,994 sq mt (under two sanads).  Other land owners are DGN Resorts (1,775), Ronil Hotels & Resorts (1,950), Prudential Group (1,725), Hindustan Hotel Ltd, Panjim (2,375), Reira Construction (2,800), Nirvana Nest Buildcon (2,000), New Builders & Developers (575+2991+700), Calangute Resorts (1,275), Saldanha Developers (900) and Whispering Resorts (3,000).  These land conversions represent a huge 24,060 sq m of the land converted in Calangute.



A total of 58,371.34 sq mt of land was converted in this crammed village with a few narrow roads.  As is the yardstick, builders again showed the most interest.  One builder Shelly Gonsalves got 1,775 and 4,675 sq mt converted and another 2,940.34 sq m on behalf of Regal Builders.  Other real estate developers with equally bigger plans are Navelkar Landmarks (1,403), Phoenix Township (,1310), Highland Constructions and Highland Holiday Homes (4,150), Dena Karen Holiday Homes (1,224), Devan Real Estate & Construction (12,733), Zephyr Holdings (2,225), Tangerina Hotels (2,775) and a Omprakash N Pariani (2,207+2,350).


The same Candolim-based builder Shelly Gonsalves also converted 6,655 and 8,912.50 sq mt in this village next in line to be bludgeoned by builders after Calangute, Baga and Candolim.

Reis Magos

Fericem Engineering converted 8207 sq mt.

Salvador do Mundo

Fredric Developers converted 630 sq mt, CV Constructions 2,500 sq mt and Navelkar Landmarks 8,910 sq mt.


Apeksha Homes 2,425 sq mt, Tropical Estates 4,546 sq mt.


Alcon Construction 15,398 sq mt, RR Enterprises 1,000 sq mt, Acron Developers 5,066 sq mt and Tropical Estates (see Sangolda) 850 sq mt.

 Know your neighbour

In the event you want to know who your next door neighbours will be, I reproduce here the survey nos. of land converted by some (only very large land holdings) of builders and hoteliers only.  In Socorro, Alcons converted land existing under survey no 21/2.  Sangolda: Topical Estates 2/11.  Salvador do Mundo: Navelkar Landmarks -66/1.  Reis Magos: Fericem Engineering -78/1-C.  Nerul: Shelly Gonsalves 6,665 sq m -11/1 & 8,912.50 -5/1.  Candolim: Regal Builders -149/4, Navelkar Landmarks -22/1-B, Phoenix Township -226/10 &14 part 8C part & 8D part, Highland Constructions -227/1, 227/2, Shelly Gonsalves 4,675 sq m -224/2, 1,775 sq m -10/1, Devan Real Estate -224/1 & 223/8, Zephyr Holdings 2,225 sq -179/6 & 3,150 sq m -208/3, Tangerina Hotels -138/13-D, 135/2 & 3.

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